Our Solutions

Prefab Solutions provide a wide range of products and services that improve safety, quality and shorten the time it takes to supply and install mechanical services on site. We handle the entire process from initial design through to site installation.

Prefab Solutions works in partnership with its customers, suppliers and staff to deliver Guaranteed Quality, Guaranteed Delivery and Guaranteed Price. This our brand promise so we can deliver value and confidence onsite every time.

Value we deliver

  • Early engagement with all stakeholders offsite to optimise delivery onsite
  • Standardising designs and use of products that assist prefabrication
  • Developing affordable solutions through joint collaboration that’s in the best interest of our customers and industry partners
  • Breaking with traditional building methods to design innovative solutions
  • Multi-service coordination that delivers integrated solutions seamlessly
  • World class Lean and JIT manufacturing methodologies and supply chain processes
  • Use of systems and technology to integrate all stakeholders in the design, prototype and quality assurance stages
  • Investment in patents, world class technologies and manufacturing equipment
  • Adopting a relentless focus on continuous improvement and value-add