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Prefab Solutions is an Australian owned and operated offsite prefabricated company based in Smithfield NSW. The business was established by Aidan Kavanagh and Tony Schulz who both realised the need to improve delivery, safety and quality of commercial construction for the MEP HVAC industry.

By maximising the offsite construction methodologies, to compliment and assist onsite construction labour force.


Australian Owned & Operated

Prefab Solutions is an Australian owned and operated company based in Smithfield NSW.  With over 50+ year’s experience and knowledge in the commercial construction industry delivering over 300 projects in this time.


Community Focused

Prefab Solutions are committed to improving the industry for the great good for all stakeholders, from the project owner, builder, customers, suppliers and staff, so overall communities benefit from the improved results with prefabricated projects.


Strategic Partnerships

Our strategic partnerships extend to Kavanagh Industries, KS Metal Fabrications, Sydmec Contracting, Sublime Airconditioning, Tinmen and this is growing as we continue to explore the integration of additional trades and services.


Dedicated Team

Prefab Solutions has dedicated in house staff to design, manufacture and install value-added solutions, and combined with its strategic trade partners has over 350 staff and 34,000sqm of factory space over 6 sites.


Continuous Improvement

Prefab Solutions has a relentless focus on continuous improvement and value-add innovation utilising world class technologies and manufacturing methodologies.
Prefab Solutions


Delivering Value

Prefab Solutions works in partnership with its customers, suppliers and staff to deliver Guaranteed Quality, Guaranteed Delivery and Guaranteed Price. This our brand promise so we can deliver value onsite every time.