Solutions for building contractors to minimise high-risk work on construction sites, whilst compressing program schedules


The industry leaders in
multi-service prefabrication

  1. Prefab Solutions is an offsite prefabrication specialist supplier that delivers innovative HVAC solutions for our target markets
  2. Our purpose is to change construction, by harnessing the benefits of offsite manufacturing, to deliver guaranteedĀ program productivity and value onsite.
  3. Our vision is to take 60% of the total onsite hours off building sites over the next 5 years to improve site and total project productivity.
  4. We deliver value by integrating multiple trade services into one seamless delivery. Our aim is to keep improving site productivity by shifting hours off the congested building site and putting them into the controlled factory environment where safety, quality and productivity can be controlled measured and reported.


Strategic Partners
Integrating multiple trade services

Our strategic partnerships extend to Kavanagh Industries, KS Metal Fabrications, Sydmec Contracting, Sublime Airconditioning, Tinmen and this is growing as we continue to explore the integration of additional trades and services.